Excellent Free Intro To Linux Course On edX

Excellent Free Intro To Linux Course On edX

If you're not familiar with edX, they have many informative and interesting free online courses.

I came across one that really impresses me, and I'm sharing it with you!


I'm providing the link to the course on edX, but you can also access it for free directly at the Linux Foundation. Just scroll down to LFS101, Introduction to Linux.


I provide both, because I heard about it on edX, and I like edX, but if your focus is strictly on Linux learning, you may just want to go straight to the source.


Anyhoo, about the course, it's very professionally done, and a great introduction to Linux. Topics covered include:

Chapter 01: The Linux Foundation

  • Section 1: The Linux Foundation
  • Section 2: The Linux Foundation Training
  • Section 3: Course Linux Requirements

Chapter 02: Linux Philosophy and Concepts

  • Section 1: Linux History
  • Section 2: Linux Philosophy
  • Section 3: Linux Community
  • Section 4: Linux Terminology
  • Section 5: Linux Distributions

Chapter 03: Linux Basics and System Startup

  • Section 1: The Boot Process
  • Section 2: Kernel, init and Services
  • Section 3: Linux Filesystem Basics
  • Section 4: Linux Distribution Installation

Chapter 04: Graphical Interface
Section 1: Graphical Desktop
Section 2: Session Management
Section 3: Basic Operations

Chapter 05: System Configuration from the Graphical Interface

  • Section 1: System, Display, Date and Time Settings
  • Section 2: Network Manager
  • Section 3: Installing and Updating Software

Chapter 06: Common Applications

  • Section 1: Internet Applications
  • Section 2: Productivity and Development Applications
  • Section 3: Multimedia Applications
  • Section 4: Graphics Editors and Utilities

Chapter 07: Command Line Mode Operations

  • Section 1: Command Line Mode Options
  • Section 2: Basic Operations
  • Section 3: Working with Files
  • Section 4: Searching for Files
  • Section 5: Installing Software

Chapter 08: Finding Linux Documentation

  • Section 1: Documentation Sources
  • Section 2: The man pages
  • Section 3: GNU Info
  • Section 4: The --help Option and Help Command
  • Section 5: Other Documentation Sources

... There are 10 more chapters.

As you can see, a comprehensive introductory course.

Please have a look!

Update 15 Dec 2017 - I tried signing up through the Linux Foundation and the link referred me back to edX.

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