Patrick, @pathetiq, co-founder of, has an update to a cool tool he created called BurpSmartBuster. The update will be announced at BlackHat USA, scheduled for 26 and 27 July, 2017.

I just learned of the tools existence from one of Patrick's tweets.

Here is a DerbyCon presentation from 2016 about BurpSmartBuster.


BurpSmartBuster is a Burp Suite plugin;

  • With the Objective of replacing dirbuster and dirb
  • It uses a "smart" feature to goes beyond dirbuster and dirb
  • It uses Burp to brute force files and directories based on URL's gathered by Burp

I have not tried this plugin yet, but it looks really cool and I want to get the word out about it.

I don't know how soon I can get to it given other things on plate right now.

If you have experience with it, please comment on how you like it.