Securing Remote Access For Linux

Securing Remote Access For Linux

I've created a free 7 part video tutorial on how to set up key based authentication for Linux.

You'll learn how to:

  • Install OpenSSH Server on your Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server
  • Connect with PuTTY for Windows, iTerm for MAC OS X, or the Linux Terminal
  • Generate your SSH Keys on Linux/MAC OS X
  • Generate your SSH Keys on Winsows with PuTTYgen
  • Copy your SSH keys to the authorized_keys file on the server
  • Disable remote access for the root user
  • Disable password authentication for all users


Here are the individual videos so you can choose only what you need.

  1. Remote Access Overview
  2. Preparing Your Server (Installing OpenSSH Server)
  3. Connecting with iTerm (same as for Linux terminal)
  4. Connecting with PuTTY for Wndows
  5. Key Based Authentication Linux and MAC OS X
  6. Key Based Authentication Windows
  7. sshd_config File Settings (disabling root remote access and passwords for all users)


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